Stepping Outside the Cube for Google Maps

1st Ave Machine turned to Peter Mostert to cut a mesmerizing Web promo for Google Maps via Agency Venables Bell & Partners. Behind the slogan, “Explore Your World with Google Maps,” the film creatively showcases the app’s suite of interactive mapping services through its popular WebGL video game, Cube. 

Bob Partington and Aaron Duffy co-directed the film, which features a large-scale, kinetic interpretation of Cube.

“1st Ave Machine are wonderful collaborators,” says Mostert. “The ingenuity they brought to the table with the labyrinth they built offered me a unique editing experience in terms of visual storytelling. While the narrative in a sense had its own literal path, editing became a process of exploring ways to really hone the message for Google Maps through the concepts and interactive elements featured in their physical version of Cube. The challenge was finding the right flow and continuity with the labyrinth, while offering a sense of place within both the features outlined and the game performance.“

Anne Gordonwork