Imagine The Day Cancer is Cured


Eric Carlson teamed up with Rick Knief to create two spots for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). The brand image campaign serves as a call to action with the promising hope of a cancer cure – thanks to treatments advanced by LLS. Actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter), a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor himself, narrated the spots.

“Today” imagines a day everyone hopes to remember: the day cancer is cured. Big news (not yet revealed to the viewer) sweeps across the city, halting everyday moments in homes, laundromats, diners, offices, gyms and train stations. Crowds gravitate towards TVs, computers and cell phones before the spot’s big reveal: a newspaper headline reading, “CANCER CURED!” The news culminates on a Times Square billboard before the closing montage shows various characters celebrating and embracing with loved ones afflicted by cancer.

Anne Gordoncuts, work