Hooligan Revs Up Aston Martin Brand Film Featuring Tom Brady & Marek Reichman

We recently contributed to a brand film for luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin. Conceived by agency Paradigm, “Beautiful is Precision” (:60) pairs Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady and Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman for a philosophical conversation on how design, precision, and performance play into their approach as legends in their respective fields.

Directed by award-winning commercial director and DP Tom Krueger, the film features cinematic footage of various Aston Martin models in the show room and in action. A collage of holographic designs, animation, and lighting visually underscores the ideas that Brady and Reichman exchange about beauty and precision, while celebrating the level of craft and technology that goes into the design and engineering of an Aston Martin.

Hooligan, led by Senior Editor Kane Platt, worked closely with Krueger from pre-production to post. Following the interview shoot with Brady and Reichman, Platt and Krueger honed a script from the interviews, and tied the visual story to it by mining a treasure of images designed to evoke the idea of beauty that Krueger had previously shot for Aston Martin.

The post-intensive project required careful planning in order to incorporate the film’s critical motion graphic and lighting elements. Hooligan created a rough cut and designed placeholder graphics using Aston Martin CAD drawings and other digital imagery for Underground, the graphics partner on the project, to overlay the lighting and CG elements.


“While we were fortunate enough to have hundreds of hours of gorgeous images of the most beautiful cars in the world at our disposal, it also presented the biggest challenge,” remarks Platt. “We strove to make sure all of the different elements were aesthetically in sync and felt natural to the story we wanted to tell, creating conflict and dramatic explosions of action – with fantastic sound design by Gigantic Studios to counter the ultra high-tech holographic interface.”

“Hooligan was a key partner in bringing this film to life, from the planning phase to the final delivery,” adds Krueger. “They had a solid grasp on the overall concept of the film, and how to seamlessly execute everything on the post-production side, technically and creatively. This enabled me to go into the shoot completely prepared and ensure that nothing fell through the cracks.”

Anne Gordonwork