‘Hello, Again’ from Hooligan

Hudson Rouge is the driving force behind the Lincoln Motor Company’s invigorating “Hello, Again” campaign. We were honored to hop on for the ride and edit a beautiful spot for the 2013 Lincoln MKZ.

Directed by Tim Brown of 1st Avenue Machine, “What It Was, What It Is” visualizes the ingenious spirit of Lincoln’s 90-year history, reminding viewers to “see past creations and inspire new ideas.” Artfully composed juxtapositions of classic ideas and their modern evolution build up to the penultimate connection between the iconic Lincoln Zephyr and the modern-day MKZ.

Editor Kane Platt took a multimedia approach to honing the creative concept in post, utilizing multiple SFX libraries to explore sound and visual combinations. He even delivered a little editorial sleight of hand to make a live-action shot of a haute couture dress more billowy.

Anne Gordonwork