Collective & Hooligan Bond with “Grow Up Great” Campaign for PNC

Peter Mostert united with Collective Director David McNamara to create a series of spots for “Grow Up Great,” PNC Financialʼs ten-year, 250-million dollar initiative to create innovative education and arts programs for underserved youth.

The “Grow Up Great” campaign features three 30-second broadcast spots (“Bath Time,” “Roof” and “Pre-school”) and one 90-second Web-cut entitled, “Grow Up Great.”

Inspired by the words, “the first five years are forever,” the campaign (via agency Smith Brothers) details PNC Financialʼs commitment to fostering success in life and learning with a school readiness program aimed at the formative childhood years between birth and age 5.

Director McNamara’s cinematic visual storytelling encapsulates the reciprocal joy of childhood, parenthood and mentorship through scenes that capture the intimate everyday moments of love, nurturing, education and learning.

Anne Gordonwork